Marc Stocco of Surrey, BC, is a starting pitcher for his university team and fell in love with pitching because of all the ways that he could throw the ball. However, pitching is not simple. Baseball design makes batting against a skilled pitcher highly unpredictable. …

Marc Stocco of Surrey, BC, has his sights set on major league baseball. A challenge for student athletes with professional aspirations is paying attention to all the ways that MLB is changing. In the 2010s, the pitching role has become the primary factor in team success.

Here are the top…

Marc Stocco is a student athlete and British Columbia native that is now able to resume college baseball with his peers. Canada’s amateur sports regulatory agency, viaSport, began allowing teams to play in August with restrictions. …

As a young athlete from Surrey, B.C., Marc Stocco has had to work hard to maintain peak physical condition during a baseball season with regular delays and cancellations. But according to Marc, the most difficult part of the current COVID-19 pandemic for his team has been maintaining strong mental health.

Marc Stocco

Student Athlete, Baseball Player

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